This book was written by James Allen. Of course, he is one of my favorite authors. So now you know. Lolz.

His reason for writing this book was to help people, me and you, have a better view and understanding of how our thoughts can mar and make us. “We ourselves are maker of ourselves.” So he said.

This little book, this book of about 30 pages will take you through the relationship between thoughts and character, effects of thoughts on circumstances, health and the body, purpose, vision and serenity. It points on the power of thinking.
Seriously, the book will change your way of thinking for good. And if perhaps you have good thoughts, it will surely deepen it. I bet it with you. You are reading from someone it has changed.

I read the book 2015. Then it was my friend that sent it to me. Since then my thoughts have not been the same it used to be. I wished I had read it years before that time. If you have the same thought, it’s never too late now.

He said, “Act is the blossom of thoughts, joy and suffering are its fruits; thus does a man garner in the sweet and bitter fruitage of his husbandry.”

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