Stress and 5 Coping strategies

What is stress?
It is a psychological state associated with physiological and hormonal imbalances caused by conflict, trauma, or other disquieting or disruptive influences.

Stress has both positive and negative components. But most of the time, we dwell more on the latter.

There are various ways in which stress can be dealt with. Such as;
° Defense mechanism
° Clinical stress management which may involve psychotherapy, use of drugs among others.

Besides using clinical intervention, stress can be alleviated via personal coping strategies. Which are;

1. If you find yourself in a conflict, you are probably going to be uncomfortable. One of the best ways to cope with a conflict is to gather as much information as possible. Say to yourself, “All right. Am comfortable and I will be uncomfortable for a while, but its more important to gather information to help me with my choice than to rush to a conclusion I might not be satisfied with.” As you gather the information, your view if the conflict will change and you will feel better.

2. Trust in Time. Many stressful events can be very painful. But with time, it becomes less painful. If you find yourself in extreme anguish, feeling that all of your plans are collapsing or that your career is being ruined, trust in time.

3. Try not to be alone too much of the time. Maintain friendships and contacts. The lonely and the isolated suffer more and have poorer health than do those who have company.

4. Try to think positively. People who have pessimistic outlook on life are more likely to develop poor health (Peterson, Seligman & Vaillant). Keep a sense of humor. Enjoy laughter. Remember that, not everything that seems catastrophic is really one. Not every goal worth having. Beware of what you desire.

5. Begin to think of yourself as à relaxed person. Move and speak slowly. Eat slowly. Take deep breaths. Stop from time to time to relax your muscles. Have a break when you are tired. Don’t configure your life to rushing. Look at the tense faces and angry expressions of people around you, and take pleasure in the fact that you are a relaxed person.

These ideas may seem simple; in fact, they are. Using them can make a powerful difference.

Remember that STRESS is not always a bad thing.  It is detrimental only if it is unresolved and long lasting and, especially, if you are prone to deal poorly with it.

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  1. I think the suggestion I have benefited the most is your last one. One can sit quietly and play the situation in their head in a way that is positive. Also, playing in your head calm reactions to mean statements of others can be helpful sometimes. Realizing that others cause stress in you because of their own stress they have themselves is good to know.

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