Are you just running?

Are you just running? How will you enjoy your trip if you overspeed?
As Mahatma Gandhi put it, “there is more to life than just increasing its speed.”

Two men were going on a trip with the same model of cars and going to the same place. One was going on full speed, the other was not too fast nor too slow. One gets to the destination faster than the other. Oh you like that? But one was more experienced. And also enjoyed his trip.

When I ask, are you just running? I also mean, why are you rushing yourself? Maybe you have forgotten slow and steady win the race.

Is it possible for an embryo to transform directly into an adult?

If you are just running through life, you deny yourself of important stuffs in life. Remember what M.Gandhi said.

As per my illustration, the one over speeding is only concerned about the destination. He wanted to get there fast. Always in hurry. Not knowing, overspeeding is a cause of accident on its own. He was too in hurry to prepare adequately for the trip.If he is trying to do something new, he wants the result immediately. Even with his lack of experience (that is what he probably end up being). Perhaps you are like that, know that everything is a process. All you have to do is enjoy the process. Enjoy your journey on whatever you set your mind on.

Happy the man; Happy He alone; He Who can call today his own.

The other man understood what slow and steady means. He was not too fast nor too slow. He had a wider view of everything along the way. He knew what lied in every junction. He knew when to stop and cool off his engine and when to move on. He enjoyed every bit of the journey, and lives in today by enjoying every moments. He was not afraid of failing and wasn’t hesitating on taking risks. Perhaps you are like him, congrats!

Don’t just journey through life, let life journey through you.

Work hard on your goals to have a better result. Don’t put one eye on the task and the other on the result. Concentrate fully on the task at hand.

If you are just running, it is high time you slowed down a bit.

© 2017 Obembe S.Dapo
All Rights Reserved


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