Your Friend and Foe

“A man's own self is his friend. A man's own self is his foe” —Bhagavad-Gita 

Paradise Is Here

Paradise is here, or nowhere. Happiness cannot be found in a bottle or a pill; it can only be discovered in that great spirit that rests deep within. Lord knows, if you can't find it in here, you sure ain't gonna find it out there. -Lonise Bias

Thought for Today #020

If you are satisfied with just getting by, step aside for the person who isn't. - A.G Gaston

Build It Well

Build it well, whate'er you do; Build it straight and strong and true; Build it clean and high and broad; Build it for the eye of God.

You Can Do Anything

Dear reader, I'm more convinced than ever that you can do anything you want to. You can beat anyone at anything, just by working hard. Handicaps don't mean anything because often people who don't have any handicaps, have a bad attitude and don't want to do anything. YES, YOU CAN!


Tell me not, in mournful numbers Life is but an empty dream: For soul is dead that slumbers, And things are not what they seem. Life is real-life is earnest- And the grave is not its goal: Dust thou art, to dust returneth, Was not spoken of the soul. Not enjoyment, and not sorrow Is... Continue Reading →

Are you searching?

Are you searching for the happiness that does not fade away? Are you looking for the joy that lives and leaves no grievous day? Are you panting for waterbrooks of love, and Life and Peace? Then let all dark desires depart and selfish seeking cease. Are you ling'ring in the paths of paind, grief-haunted, stricken... Continue Reading →


Why this fierce struggle to achieve thine ends? This selfish argument? This fire which lends Heat to resentment, ashes to remorse? Canst thou bend Truth and Nature to thy will? Bend thou, and work and wait; be strong and still; Soft growth is stronger than vehement force. Be as a flower, content to be, to... Continue Reading →

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