8 Leadership Books by John Maxwell every leaders should read.

Leadership is complicated. It consists of varieties of facets. Some would say, 'they are not a leader.' Not knowing we are all leaders. If you are a father, mother, brother, and sister to someone, you are leading them. The path you take, your kids would want to take. That is the path you lead them... Continue Reading →


5 Books that will change your life

Books are meant to help us fashion out a way to deal with our life financially, maritally, socially, spiritually and of course, emotionally. Books are mentors and the best of friends we could ever have. Best of friends I ever had. Of course, I have people I go to. One of them is reading this,... Continue Reading →

Just in……..

Just as you know that am striving to offer you the best, I have come with two wonderful books again! 1. The wealthy Barber returns. If you really want to know how to master the art of saving, you will start off well by reading this book. 2. Magic of thinking big. As you know, thoughts are... Continue Reading →


Have you read these books

Just in.................. From my JOURNEY TO LIBRARY, I have new updates on books to read. Perhaps, you have been on the lookout for books to read this month, to be better than before, I have two books in my library I recommend you read. MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS I did not know... Continue Reading →


See these quotes about books

Open a book and open your mind. ​ A room without books is like a body without a soul. - Marcus Tullius Cicero If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking. - Haruki Murakami It is what you read when you don't have... Continue Reading →


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